Earth’s inner core revealed to be a giant hazelnut

Scientist from the US and China have confirmed in a paper published in the journal Geoscience something that many of us have suspected for some time; the innermost core of the Earth is a giant hazelnut. The team working at the University of Illinois, on a research project sponsored by Mars Inc. the makers of M&Ms, studied the waves caused by earthquakes as they travelled through the planet.

After five long years of toil they were at last able to disprove the theory postulated by the University of Valetta in Malta that the core was an intricate honeycomb construction. Professor Mae Be-Knut of the Beijing Institute of Confectionary Studies said, ‘you can’t argue with the science. The core is far too dense to be honeycomb so it must be a hazelnut.’

Professor Be-Knut revealed that the sponsors, Mars Incorporated, we’re so pleased with the work that they were funding a new project in collaboration with the University of West East Anglia in Bury St. Edmunds to determine what lies beneath the surface of the Moon. Professor Be-Knut believes that below the outer crust there is a core of fluffy chocolate, a theory hotly disputed by researchers at the University of Caerphilly.

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