Labour voter used HSBC cash machine, claim Tories

A Labour voter once used an HSBC cash machine to withdraw money, Tory officials have claimed, deftly putting the HSBC ball firmly back in Labour’s court. The statement was made in response to Labour’s suggestion that Tory supporters and donors were amongst those HSBC helped to avoid tax, which the Tories couldn’t initially answer.

A spokesperson for the Conservative party said it was unclear what the cash withdrawal had been used for but suggested it could have been to make a so-called “cash-in-hand” payment to help a plumber avoid VAT or for investment in an ISA, a way of avoiding tax. They refused to comment whether the Labour voter in question had ever been to Switzerland or could even find it on a map.

When asked to produce proof of the potentially damaging claim the spokesperson replied, “Er, well, um, look at the number of cash machines HSBC has. One of their voters must have used one at some time, it’s proof that Labour obviously condones the actions of this hideous bank. Er. Outrageous!”


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