Oscars to include films off You Tube


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is widening this year’s Oscars ceremony to include new awards for home-made video clips that have been posted on YouTube.

The move has angered more traditional academy members who believe that their painstakingly crafted movies, which have sometimes taken them years of development and production might lose out to a short clip of a Taiwanese student touching their nose with their tongue.

‘It is ridiculous to have Hollywood’s greatest actors and directors competing alongside amateurs churning out any old rubbish,’ said top Hollywood screenwriter Jules Perrone. His rant was recorded by his daughter on a mobile phone and is now in the running for Best Short Documentary. Other surprising nominations include ‘fat kid trying to be funny’, ‘dateless geeks re-enact Star Wars’ and ‘Bill trying to eat cream crackers without drinking any water’.

The Oscar for this year’s highly coveted Best Film award is between Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Departed’; ‘Flags of our Fathers’ directed by Clint Eastwood and ‘hamster stuck in toilet roll’ directed by Jodie aged 11 from Balham, England. Other awards have been specially created to acknowledge the development music clips on YouTube. An Oscar for the laziest uploaded music video is being introduced, in a new category entitled the ‘Perhaps if I put a video of our band on YouTube we will get discovered without having to do the hard work ‘ Award.

Top fashion magazines are already speculating about what ‘Madhead15’ from Basingstoke, England will wear to the ceremony. ‘I was thinking maybe my Kooks T shirt and like, maybe, er, jeans?’ Meanwhile ‘Skuz23’ from Canada has been practicing thanking everyone involved in his Oscar acceptance speech. ‘I’d like to thank my sister Carol for holding the camcorder. And… er,actually that’s it.’


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