New Stoke Mandeville management structure to include ‘spineless’

Stoke Mandeville hospital has updated its senior management structure to include ‘spineless’ in addition to two existing layers in place since the 1980s: upper management, responsible for anything they were informed about, and lower management, responsible for not informing upper management about anything.

‘It was hard work in the old days,’ reminisced one manager. ‘Indeed, my young daughter once wrote to a TV show saying she never got to play with me, I was at work so long. That letter started a chain of events that saw my role streamlined so all I had to do was turn up and sign some papers. Good old Jim, he fixed it for me. He played with my daughter, too. Nice man.’

Ironically the hospital, which specialises in treating spinal injuries, is busier than ever. ‘Because of the backlash against Jimmy, people are refusing to ‘clunk-click, every trip’,’ said one doctor, who confirmed that he didn’t take the train these days either.


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