The West gets thank you card from Iraq

The West was seen blushing today after the remaining people in Iraq presented it with handmade ‘thank you’ card, signed by everyone who hasn’t had their fingers blown off or heads amputated.

The card, which was on fire with a grenade stuck to the front of it, ‘represents the formal recognition of everything you’ve done to, I mean for, us,’ said the presenter, a goat with charred fur. ‘Our once oil-rich and stable nation is much better off since you decapitated our leadership and burnt down his regime. We would thank our lucky stars if we could see them through the smoke,’ it said, and then died.

‘Forget it, it’s least we could do.’ beamed The West, clearly embarrassed. ‘Now get out of here you little scamp, you! Hello? Yes? Oh Libya, you shouldn’t have…’

Iroquois Pliskin

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Posted: Mar 7th, 2015 by

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