Today’s British male ‘less randy’ than predecessors says film historian

Men 'far more romantic these days'

2009 saw the level of randiness in the British male fall sharply, a leading movie historian has revealed. Dr Stan Thorndyke made the discovery after a careful comparison of British rom-coms produced during the last decade, with British films of previous decades. ‘Comparing the work of Jude Law with, say, Robin Askwith, star of ‘Confessions from a Holiday Camp’, shows that the average male has become steadily less randy since the late 70s, and the level has reached new lows during the last twelve months.’

Thorndyke suspects the recession to be the main cause, although he also blames the current pressure to be charming and successful in an endearing, Hugh Grant kind of way. ‘The rot starts as early as childhood. Schoolboys are concentrating on league tables and exam results rather than ‘accidentally’ dropping their pencils on the floor during French lessons.’

‘We’re also looking at how the internet is affecting figures,’ he reveals, ‘nowadays young males are spending more and more time online reading about how Simon Pegg has changed from wacky comedian to unlikely romantic lead, rather than getting out there to earn a few extra bob as window cleaners or driving instructors – traditional callings for the average randy British male.’

Also highlighted is the correlation between the fall in randiness and the rise of wrinkly-faced, dirty-laughed men in pork-pie hats and cardigans being placed on the sex-offenders register. ‘Randy old men exclaiming ‘Phwoar!’ were considered folk heroes back in the day, but are now seen as pariahs,’ Thorndyke claims. ‘Britain’s seaside beauty contests, nursing colleges and sixth-form netball courts are all the sadder for their absence.’

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