MPs say they should remain anonymous until charged with sex offences

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As investigations into establishment child abuse drag on, members of Parliament’s Double Standards Select Committee have decided that Operation Yewtree’s method of allowing the media to name suspected celebrity paedophiles to help encourage other victims to speak up would be ‘inexcusable’ if it were applied to cases involving Right Honourable sex offenders.

Committee chairman Keith Vaz said the proposed reform was ‘long overdue’ now that the voting public’s focus has largely shifted from common celebrities to the Westminster establishment.

The MPs argued that the police should only release suspects’ names in highly exceptional cases – such as historic crimes whose perpetrators are well and truly dead and buried – and when it would be advantageous for the government to flood the media with salacious stories about past obscenities under the pretence of transparency and justice.

An anonymous civil servant, speaking en route between a Westminster hotel and children’s care home, said: ‘It is obvious to us that for reasons of national security victims must be kept in the dark as much as possible, or else long-established and officially secret cover-ups could become dangerously exposed. And while the BBCs thrilling live coverage of the police raid on Cliff Richard’s home and gardens was clearly in the public interest, no-one really needs to see helicopter footage of my … I mean, of some boring paedo politician’s dreary old country estate.’

An urgent cross-party bill to conceal the names of alleged sex offenders is expected to be passed in both the House of Commons and House of Lords quicker than a Parliamentary expenses claim for Kinder Eggs and lubricant.


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