Oxford champions and Cambridge relegated in dramatic final day of Sky Boat Race

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Oxford clinched the title and Cambridge were relegated In a nail-biting final day of the new Sky Boat Race Premier League.
As the new Sky Premier League of Boat Racing coxed off yesterday afternoon, hopes were high for Cambridge. With a mixture of youth and experience, many pundits said they would be ‘there or thereabouts’ come the end of the season. But at the end of an exhausting campaign, a very different picture emerged. Cambridge were at rock bottom, with a record nobody wants – the least number of points for any side since the Sky Boat Race Premier League began.
Oxford, by contrast, had been practically written off before the season began. ‘They’ve got a squad full of youngsters,’ said new pundit Alan Hansen, ‘some of these guys are still at university for goodness sake. If you look through the spine of the team, they’ve got students in every position. And at the back, they’ve got a wee girl in the cox. I’m sorry, but you don’t win games like that.’
But Oxford surprised many people with the way they started the season, holding their own and remaining buoyant. Their oarsmen – despite their academic background – were seen to dig in and the Oxford Cox was credited for steering a steady course.
Meanwhile, trouble was brewing in the Cambridge camp. With Cambridge equal bottom with a quarter of the season gone, fans began organising river-side demos, calling for the manager’s head. Fans held up a giant banner over Putney Bridge, chanting ‘In! Out!’ There were choruses of ‘What a load of rollocks,’ in some quarters of Hammersmith.
Callers to Sky’s Boat race Premier League fans phone in, ‘Blue Are You?’ were critical of Cambridge University Boat Club’s President Alexander Leichter, and called for a new manager. |’If we wait until the end of the season, it’ll be too late,’ said Gary, from Corpus Christi, who claimed he had conducted substantial research to back up his thesis.
And so it all came down to the final day of the season. Sky TV christened it as ‘The Battle of the Blues’ after one Sky TV researcher noticed that both teams played in shirts that reflect light from a similar region of the colour spectrum. ‘In light spectrum terms, this is a local derby,’ said Sky Sports chief supremo Barney Francis.

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