Tracking bracelet for non-offenders launched – ‘Apple Watch’

A new big-government inspired tracking program for all citizens has been launched in the US, the UK and many other countries this week.

The programme, called ‘Apple Watch’, which is a statement of fact rather than a product name, has been hailed by many as a truly egalitarian system of population surveillance – with more affluent non-criminals having to pay a voluntary fine of £13,500 before receiving their custom tracking bracelet, while those on more modest means can receive one with identical capabilities and a much reduced fine.

A GCHQ spokesman, who gave his encrypted name as FzW76!m2Jx*%, claims that this project is a critical part of this Government’s plans for a self-funding surveillance state. ‘Before we would never have been able to afford a project as ambitious as this, but here we have people with complete bellyfeel for paying for their own tracking.’

Although the ‘Apple Watch’ system aims to watch you 24/7, it is currently limited to 18/7 due to battery issues.

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