BBC asks Google to ‘forget the 1970s’

Savile and DLT

Bosses at the BBC have instructed the tech team at Google to ‘completely forget everything that happened in the 1970s’, after the Internet search giant launched a service to allow Europeans to ask for information and personal data to be removed from online search results.

‘As you can imagine, removing a decade’s worth of data is quite a task’, said Google search analyst, Mike Simmons. ‘We’re still removing information for them as we speak. As of now, any searches with the keywords ‘Jimmy Savile’ will redirect users to results relating to ex-footballer Robbie Savage. I’m not sure what Robbie will make of that, but it’s already been done now’.

The European Union court ruling will now ensure that links to ‘irrelevant and outdated data’ will be erased on request, as to protect the privacy of individuals and certain companies.

‘The 1970s was ages ago, so that confirms that it’s outdated, plus the whole decade was completely irrelevant and nothing interesting happened whatsoever’, insisted BBC director-general, Tony Hall. ‘The music was rubbish, hairstyles were crap and politics were bad’.

When asked if the request to Google was to cover-up the wrongdoings of BBC employees from that era, Hall replied: ‘What BBC employees from that era? There weren’t any. Try Googling it if you don’t believe me, smart arse’.

‘I for one think it’s a wonderful idea. Everybody should have the right to be completely forgotten online; it’s a basic human right’, said Mr. Harris, a retired Australian immigrant living in Berkshire.

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