‘Millions died under last Liberal government’ warns Brown

New Liberals, New Dangerilables

Gordon Brown today launched a scathing attack on the Liberal Democrats, urging voters to remember their track record before casting their vote next week. ‘I’m sure none of us has forgotten what happened the last time we had a Liberal Government’ he warned. ‘First we had close to a million British service personnel killed in the First World War, then another quarter of a million Britons lost their lives to Spanish flu. No-one wants a return to those dark days do they?’

The Prime Minister was also critical of former Liberal PM David Lloyd-George’s record on health and education, pointing out that under his government spending on the NHS was non-existent and that pass rates for A-Levels and GCSEs were zero. ‘Admittedly none of these things were around in the 1920s’ he conceded, ‘but how do we know that a LibDem government wouldn’t cut spending back to 1920 levels, or even abolish hospitals and schools?’.

David Cameron also waded into to the debate, attacking the Liberals’ economic policy and highlighting the fact that under the last Liberal government average household earnings were just twenty shillings a week, and he also rubbished their record on electoral reform, arguing that it took them thirteen years before they even allowed women to vote last time they were in power.

Nick Clegg has however responded to the criticism by arguing that the LibDems shouldn’t be judged on their record from ninety years ago, adding quickly that the fact that no-one had voted for them for almost a century didn’t mean they weren’t ready for government.

1st May 2010

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