BBC suspend badger after attack on Springwatch producer over catering

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The BBC has announced that it has suspended Jeremy Badger following allegations that he bit the ankle of a Springwatch producer following a disagreement over catering. Badger, who is appearing in the current series of Springwatch, is understood to have become abusive toward the unnamed producer when he was told that there were no rabbits or small rodents laid on at the end of the day’s filming.

‘We’d been working hard on sett all day’, said Badger’s Springwatch co-star James ‘the fox’ Fox. ‘Jeremy was a bit frazzled after having to do 23 takes for a simple tracking shot along a tunnel. We went to the pub with Richard Hamster to unwind with a few jars but when we got back and found out there was no food left Jeremy became positively rabid. After taking about 20 minutes of abuse the producer suggested that since Jeremy was a badger perhaps he should go forage for some food. That’s when Jezza really lost it and bit him on the ankle’.

‘If the BBC sacks Jeremy then I’ll probably resign. I know he can be a bit of a twat but without the edge that Jeremy brings to Springwatch it would just be a bunch of hedgehogs and otters pissing about, and who wants to watch that? I’m sure Richard would have resigned too if Jezza hadn’t eaten him last night’.

The BBC has confirmed that Springwatch presenter Michaela Strachan witnessed the attack and had to prise Jeremy Badger off the producer’s leg. ‘It’s true’ confirmed Fox. ‘It’s the first time I’ve seen Michaela pull a badger off since she got pissed at the Autmnwatch wrap party last year’.

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