Radio 1 ‘could be replaced by piece of fruit’

BBC’s multimillion pound national pop station could be replaced by a piece of fruit, media experts say. Radio 1, which was Britain’s first pop station ever to broadcast the on air death of a disk jockey from natural causes, said it ‘welcomed the competition from the fruit item, which technology-watchers say is ‘well known’ and ‘not a banana or orange’.

Radio 1 is tasked with bringing BBC values to under 25’s, yet surveys show that most listeners are dead, as a result of being born in the 1930’s. Radio 1 has in the past tried to reverse the age trend with a succession of new public service haircuts for its current ‘disc jockey’ Grim Rickshaw, believed to be Tony Blackburn’s great grandson.

Under 25’s were puzzled by the news that Radio 1 might be replaced by a piece of fruit. Gary Smythe, a media studies student from York said ‘yeah, no, radio, that’s what they use to control like drones, isn’t it?’ while a number of under 18’s asked in a survey were ‘unused to the idea’ of fruit.

Listeners in Scotland have their own programmes.

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