Ordnance Survey produces first map of “Moral High Ground”


Ordnance Survey have today announced that they have managed to produce the first detailed map of the Moral High Ground.

‘Until now, we thought it was an area of abandoned wasteland on the outskirts of Swindon and, as such, it had just been designated as a public open space’, said a spokesman. ‘However, close study of new satellite images revealed a group of people occupying a small hill and so decided to examine further.’

The Moral High Ground turned out to be home to a group of vegan cyclists, who do occasionally use trains and a non-profit car-pool scheme, but always plant trees afterwards. They also spent a lot of time on a particularly high horse. ‘We examined the ground hoping to find carbon footprints, but there were none.’ Hopes of catching out the rather worthy local community by sifting through their rubbish failed when it was all taken to the bottle bank, paper mill or was organically recycled.

However, having occupied an unassailable superior position for many years, it turns out that the local inhabitants have never made any money out of anything and are now completely skint. They have now decided to sell the Moral High Ground to property developers who will use it for a gated community of luxury flats.

25th June 2007

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