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Exclusively in this Saturday’s outraged Daily Mail, we bring you the songs too sick to publish, from the convicted paedo pop star we said should never be heard from again.

Gary ‘the shitter’ Glitter had hits with a medley of shocking headlines based on his sensational serial sex offences, and was eventually found guilty on several stunning charges of child abuse. Since then, Britain’s third-favourite nonce has recorded the bitter resentment he feels towards his vindictive accusers onto the voice-mails of various old acquaintances and, without any consideration for their personal welfare, your righteous Daily Mail reporters have worked doggedly to gain untapped access to his bile-fuelled belly-aching.

So, thanks to expert assistance from top music industry mercenaries, we can bring you the uncalled-for album that the remorseless glam-rocker would probably produce if only his freedom were not so deservingly denied to him at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Yes, now you too can hear the seductive voice of the sordid seventies sex icon, direct from his prison cell, on twelve nauseating new tracks in which the bedroom bully brutally berates his innocent victims and their self-serving search for justice. Prepare to be sickened to your stomach by the shameless kiddy-fiddler’s perverse indignation and his complete lack of remorse – all accompanied by foot-stomping back-beats and catchy teenage chanting – on our special souvenir mugshot picture-disc give-away.

And remember pop-pickers, this appalling audio outrage is only available from the trusted national newspaper that was first to bring you unrepentant Rolf’s slag-a-long-a-slapper songbook.

PLUS – In next week’s Mail On Sunday get your very own deeply offensive pull-out and pin-up double-page-print of banged-up rapist Max Clifford’s depraived and uncensored jail-house diary doodles that depict him abusing his victims in atrociously graphic detail, for you to despise over and over again!

ALL FOR ONLY 90p (and whatever remnant of self-respect you have left)


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