No point arguing with you in this mood, FA tells England Lionesses


The Football Association has defended itself over the furore about its allegedly sexist tweet on the return of the England Lionesses team from the Womens’ World Cup. It has accused critics of ‘completely overreacting, as usual’ and declaring that ‘it’s no use arguing with you when you’re in this kind of mood’.

The tweet, which welcomed the Lionesses back as ‘mothers, partners and daughters’, has caused outrage among fans of the team, which enjoyed the most success of any England team in a World Cup since 1966. The FA has responded by deleting the offending message, replacing it with ‘Fine, have it your way… #cantbloodywincanI’ but strongly denied that it is an inherently sexist organisation.

‘We value our women players just as highly as proper footballers,’ FA chairman Greg Dyke told reporters. ‘We hardly ever snigger during throw-ins and jokes about swapping shirts at final whistle are few and far between. It’s just bloody typical that they’d blow this up out of all proportion –again! – and make a big deal out of an innocent remark,’ he continued, before slumping on the sofa to watch the Grand Prix in sullen silence for an hour, then asking in a round-about way if there was any chance of a cup of tea.

Since replacing the tweet, the FA has refused to be drawn further into the controversy, claiming that ‘it’s no use digging ourselves deeper into a hole’. A spokesman added that a further statement will be made ‘when the painters and decorators have finished their work, if you get my drift’.

‘You know what it’s like – they become over-emotional and all logic goes out of the window,’ Dyke said. ‘Once they get the idea that we’re sexist into their silly little heads there’s no shifting it, no matter how many times you take them out to dinner and buy them a piece of jewellery. Then the next thing you know the wind changes and it’s all tears and apologies – it’s like negotiating next season’s Premier League transfer window all over again.’

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