International Federation of Accountants to strike off Oskar Groening

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) announced today that recently convicted War Criminal and Bookkeeper Oskar Groening will be struck off and told he will no longer be able to legally practice as an Accountant/bookkeeper.

‘This is just the sort of publicity the Accountancy profession can do without’ explained IFAC spokesman Malcolm Snell ‘the war crimes were bad enough but he’s also broken every ethical principle in the accountancy book which was a fact that was totally overlooked during the trial’.

Mr Snell went onto the vent his anger about how the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorism Act for money laundering was ignored ‘ as the Nazi Party were quite clearly criminal in it’s financial dealings with mis-appropriating Jewish possessions then it certainly fell fall of this act and nobody even bloody mentioned it’. ‘I’m not saying things like failing to disclose wrongly claimed expenses are more important than mass genocide but international accountancy laws are international accountancy laws and they should be given due respect no matter what the circumstance’.

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