Nazis ‘furious’ over links to British Royal Family

'Master Race? Ich denke nicht.'

Leaders of Germany’s leading far-right fascist party say they are furious over newspaper reports linking them to the British Royal Family.

Nazi leaders vehemently deny that there was ever any collusion between the Royals and Germany’s social Darwinist movement, pointing out that they (the Nazis) subscribed to the theory of an Aryan master race based on national Socialism and not the hereditary imperialism of a single ruling family.

Shadow Reich interior minister Wilhelm Meissener also denied the Nazis stole their trademark salute from the Royals after seeing footage of the family playing supremacist parlour games on the lawns at Balmoral. Meissner said the Nazi party was unhappy that the Royals had tried to exploit Edward VIII’s meeting with former leader Adolf Hitler, saying the far right dictator had in no way influenced the German Chancellor’s future thinking on the obedience of subordinates.

A Palace spokesperson said the Royals were ‘unhappy’ about the release of the grainy black and white footage in The Sun newspaper – believed to last just 17 seconds – saying the full footage in their archives was much better. “It not only showed the future Queen doing the Nazi salute but also showed her goose stepping, raising the Nazi flag, invading Poland and locking some Jewish neighbours in a cupboard”, he claimed.

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