Surgeon admits ‘YMCA’ was a poor choice of music for operation

A leading London heart surgeon has admitted that he was wrong to play the Village People hit ‘YMCA’ during an operation which led to the death of his patient 52-year-old Asmin Kadiz.

Terence Hogart-Smythe, one of the world’s most eminent authorities on heart valve repair, accepted that the Friday afternoon theatre which lasted just over four hours should have been accompanied by quiet background music by Elgar or ‘Pavorotti at a stretch’. Protocol dictates that lead surgeons generally select music which makes nurses and orderlies feel calm and focusssed, but the 47 year old took requests from porters and receptionists after consuming wine at lunchtime with the result that the medical team danced around the operating theatre, miming the letters of the song’s title at every chorus.

Security staff were called after two men wearing a Red Indian Head-dress and a leather cap were seen running from the operating theatre covered in blood. Research suggests that up to 200 people per year die during surgery as a result of ‘poor musical genre choice.’


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