Dead paedophile PM accused of being a Tory

Furious controversy has arisen in the media following accusations that the former PM Sir Edward Heath, was secretly a Conservative and that the establishment conspired to hush this up throughout his life for fear of embarrassment.

According to as yet unsubstantiated allegations made to the police, Heath was a well-known figure in the murky, underground world of right-wing politics. Accusers have highlighted a number of signs that they say are indicative of this, notably his plummy voice and his having been Conservative MP for Bexley for over 50 years. However, the insinuation has been furiously denied by his friends.

‘I spent 50 years cottaging with Ted Heath and I can tell you he was most definitely not a Tory,’ said one source. ‘The very idea is absurd. Just look at the evidence – he was quite comfortable in the presence of foreigners, he was in favour of the Common Market, he didn’t like Margaret Thatcher – he was even a talented musician for heaven’s sake. How much less Tory can anyone be?’

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