After success of The Place to Eat, John Lewis rebrands loos ‘The Place to Shit’

‘Our café is the place to eat. Our retail space is the place to shop. Our car park is the place to park. So it makes sense that our lavatories earn the title ‘The Place to Shit’ explained John Lewis marketing strategist Gemma Smythe.

Ms Smythe explained: ‘Originally we were going for ‘The Place to Shit and Piss’ and our customer values department wanted to extend that to ‘The Place to Piss, Shit and then Wash Your Hands’, emphasising our commitment to hygiene, but our in-store designers said there was too much text. Some pedantic staff wanted bottom-wiping mentioned, while others pointed out the Place to Eat was already shorthand. They argued it wasn’t called The Place To Eat, Drink Earl Grey And Bang On Endlessly About How Crowded The Tubes Were And Whether An Assistant At Debenhams Had Been Rude To Her In The Towels Section And Isn’t Prince William Losing His Hair And My Daughter In Law Can’t Find Tights To Fit Her But Blames Hormones.’

Customer surveys have suggested other ‘The Place To…’ branding, such as the revolving doors as ‘The Place to Fart Surreptitiously’.

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