Mission Impossible 6 – Passing For Straight – to begin filming soon

Paramount Studios has given the green light to the sixth film in the Mission Impossible series, provisionally entitled ‘Passing For Straight’.

The film tells the story of a gay Hollywood actor facing the seemingly impossible challenge of living his whole life in the public eye without his sexuality being discovered. To help him in this mission, he has nothing but a series of action movie roles to make him look as butch as possible, along with the occasional short-lived marriage to women described as ‘ambitious’ and ‘dead behind the eyes’.

Time and again, our hero comes within seconds of disaster, only for the Latino gym instructor to get away down the fire escape with his clothes under his arm just in time for the hero’s wife to pretend she didn’t see him, pour herself another drink and carry on with the lie she calls her life.

Paramount said they had not yet cast the lead, commenting only that ‘it had better not be someone whose surname is gay slang for looking for casual sex, that’s for sure.’


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