Coe must have been on drugs during IAAF vote win, opponent claims

Former Ukraine pole vaulter Sergey Bubka has accused Lord Coe of taking performance enhancing drugs after beating him by 115 to 92 in the race to become president of the IAAF.

Bubka said that it ‘beggered belief’ that Coe could have improved his standing within the sport so dramatically. ‘We were neck and neck going into the final ballot count, then Coe eased past me as if he had only seconds left in which to pick up his £300 daily attendance allowance,’ he said.

BBC Sports correspondent Aimee Lewis said that a sudden increase from a previous personal best of 96.4 votes would inevitably raise eyebrows in the sport, ‘especially when you take into account what a total bell-end he is’. However, Coe countered that as a member of the House of Lords for 15 years, no-one is better placed to spot corrupt cheats than him.

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