Darth Vader ‘gutted’ Jeremy Corbyn has forgotten him

Lord Vader is said to be ‘deeply upset’ following reports that Jeremy Corbyn had denied meeting him during a BBC interview or even knowing who Darth Vader was, until he was shown video footage of himself egging the Supreme Commander of the Empire Forces to execute rebel fighters with a light sabre.

‘He holidayed on the Death Star, I let him destroy a planet’, sobbed Lord Vader. ‘He even asked if I could lend it him to deal with a ‘pesky’ nation he was bothered about. I’ll vote Tory next time – they never forget a friendly tyrant.’

Corbyn countered that he meets ‘thousands’ of evil overlords. ‘Darth Vader?’ he said. ‘Ah, I thought you meant the leader of the Daleks, who I also didn’t meet. Unless you mean when they visited Earth and wanted all the water and uranium and I tried to help them because they were fighting for their homeland. Well, everybody’s homeland, really.’

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