Obese man wins right to McDonalds bypass

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A 22-stone man has been told he can have a ‘life-saving’ gastric bypass built around his local McDonalds, despite losing a legal case after being rejected for it previously. Staffordshire ex-policeman Geoff Pennington claimed he needed the bypass after becoming morbidly obese from regular consumption of Big Mac Happy Meals – with extra nuggets.

Originally, NHS North Staffordshire Primary Care Trust said his body mass index (BMI) of 43 was below its usual criteria of 50: the minimum figure required before planning permission for a fast-food outlet bypass is agreed. In July, Court of Appeal judges rejected a bid to force the trust to operate, but it has now agreed to do so after receiving a second ‘individual funding request’ (IFR) on 10 August to fund the 62-year-old’s request for a gastric re-route.

‘The request and the new supporting medical evidence was thoroughly examined by our Highways Department,’ said a PCT spokesman. ‘Mr Pennington’s clinical circumstances were found to be exceptional as he has to drive past the outlet in question in his mobility scooter every day.’

In order to build the bypass, a grade II listed building, child’s playground and the headquarters of the NHS North Staffordshire Primary Care Trust will have to be demolished, but experts agree that this will be a small price to pay for Pennington’s wellbeing. ‘This proves conclusively that we treat such cases seriously, and with care and compassion. Mr. Pennington’s health and dignity are at stake – plus if it stops him thundering down the street and rattling the chimneys then all the better.’

Pennington has spoken of his delight at the decision: ‘this is fantastic news – I can look forward with getting on with my life without the spectre of three McChicken Sandwiches a day looming over me. I can finally go about my daily business without being drawn into that accursed place and make my way to the chip shop unhindered.’

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