Last of the Durex Sisters dies at 93

Boy in Company B had one hell of a bugle

Betty Durex, the last surviving member of the celebrated wartime singing trio the Durex Sisters, has died at the age of 93 at her condominium in Florida. Paying tribute, Prime Minister David Cameron reminded reporters ‘It was said that her image was in every pub toilet in the land. And there aren’t many people who can claim that.’

Originally known as the ‘Rubber Girls’, Betty, Debbie and Boo Boo Durex were the singing sensation of the Second World War, promoting sexual health to Allied troops by singing songs to remind them of the dangers of venereal diseases. With tunes such as ‘Keep One in Your Pocket for Me’, the cheeky ‘When I Asked You to Bring Slippers I Didn’t Mean Footwear’ and the Royal Navy favourite ‘I’m Stopping the Seamen’, the hits kept coming for the spunky girls.

After the war, the sisters released a number of non-propaganda records, but were never able to shake off the immediate association made with their public health promotions of the war years. Their biggest post war hit was ‘Might Realise My Dream’ in 1949 but even this became known as ‘Might Make My Dick Go Green’ in ex-servicemen’s clubs.

At the height of her success, Betty married England football captain Johnny Baines and the glamorous couple were often featured in the newspapers and magazines. Their fame has been compared to that enjoyed latterly of Victoria and David Beckham, despite the fact that Johnny was a fine footballer and Betty was a reasonably competent singer.

The philandering Baines later admitted that he was ‘often ribbed by his team mates’ because he married a Durex Sister. However, that did not stop him from having four children with Betty and, according to rumour, preventing countless others due to his sensible deployment of the product endorsed by his wife. A Durex Sisters greatest hits album entitled ‘Packet of Three’ is now available from vending machines nationwide.

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