Listeners baffled as Met office predict misty ‘but not murky’ weather

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In an awkward farewell to their tenure with the BBC, the Meteorological Office caused consternation today when they predicted that Tuesday morning’s weather would only be ‘misty’.  Radio listeners who hadn’t mentally turned off as soon as the forecast started were left confused when the usual ‘and murky’ was omitted from the forecast.

‘Just what is happening with our weather?’ demanded Radio 2 listener Colin Pope, 62.  ‘It can’t be just misty. It has to be misty and murky. It’s always been misty and murky. Misty alone doesn’t make any sense’.  A Met Office spokesman’s attempt to reassure listeners that certain meteorological conditions could allow for the presence of mist without its attendant murk backfired when a local forecast for Sussex mentioned ‘drips’ of rain, leaving listeners awaiting the inevitable ‘and drabs’ high and also dry.

Hove resident Carla Greeves wondered where it would all end. ‘Next thing you know they’ll be predicting spits of rain, but no one I’ve spoken to can recall anything other than spits and spots’.  A later statement from the Met Office clarified the issue. ‘Whilst it is true that misty and murky conditions generally coexist and that drips and spits of rain are typically accompanied by drabs and spots, it is wrong to suggest that any one experienced in isolation is an indication of our weather going all topsy. That’s just pure tittle.’


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