Sexism whistleblower gets regular Guardian column ‘because she’s hot’

Charlotte Proudman, the barrister who went public with a sexist message sent to her by a senior colleague, has been offered a regular column in the Guardian newspaper to write about gender issues. The decision was taken at an editorial meeting in the snug bar of The Feathers pub following a suggestion from editor Alan ‘Legend’ Rusbridger who saw the photo of Proudman that accompanied all the coverage of the case.

‘Phwoarr, wouldn’t mind giving ‘er a column on a regular basis!’ he remarked, to a barrage of male laughter. Other members of staff agreed it was an excellent idea, including features writer George ‘Balls of Steel’ Monbiot.

Proudman is said to be fitting in well in her new environment, though she bristled at being expected to make tea for everyone. One of the lads craftily got round her by saying, ‘But you do it so much better than us blokes, luv.’ Finally she stormed out and refused to come to the office for a week, though sadly no one noticed as they all assumed she was just having trouble parking, being unable to find a space five times the length of her car.


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