Man gains beach body only THREE WEEKS after wife’s labour – we reveal his secret

Dad Bod

Yesterday Dave Jones (21), from Staines, wowed holidaymakers with his amazingly toned abs – showing few signs of the arduous delivery his wife had recently been through. Breaking away from his new parenting duties, he frolicked in the waves, seemingly without a care in the world. He even managed to enjoy a ‘light’ lunch of lager and pizza as he recharged on the well-earned break in Dubai.

In patterned board shorts and trendy espadrilles, Mr. Jones drew admiring glances. Friends accompanying him confirmed that his wife had been through 24 hours of a difficult birth, yet Mr. Jones seemed ‘relaxed’ – displaying very little wear and tear. While his Twitter feed offered a plethora of sun-tanned poses for his wife at home: ‘This one’s for my rock,’ gushed one tag.

Some had expressed concern that his wife had not accompanied Mr. Jones during this tough time; but Dave remained unconcerned: ‘It’s important she knows that I’ll manage’, he said. ‘I want her to have the time and space to bond; and if a week in the sun with my mates is the price I have to pay, so be it’.

Mr. Jones was said to be even considering extending his stay, as his parental leave from work was generous: ‘It’s great to have the chance for a extra few days off – I think its important not to try and go back to soon’.

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