National Police Chiefs Council demands the ‘right weapons’ to be truly racist

A spokesman for the NPCC explained: ‘If we are to successfully target ethnic minorities – we need to do more than just stop and search. Look at the success the US justice system has had in killing unarmed African-Americans. The sooner we can get something with more poke than a taser, the sooner we can really give in to our inner demons.’

Justice Secretary Michael Gove, at the recent Tory Conference, had spoken of public sector complacency in the UK lagging behind the US in racist profiling and assaults. However, the NPCC spokesman defended his position: ‘Those critics who had warned that the introduction of tasers would lead to the targeting of the disenfranchised have been proven wrong. If you are poor and white – we’re probably not going to bother you.’

The NPCC took pains to explain how officers were specifically trained in the use of tasers and on how to distinguish between different ‘shades of skin’. Meanwhile in separate news, hate crimes in England and Wales are up 18%. Although that does not include attacks by the police on the general public.

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