Talk Talk hackers complain about Talk Talk broadband

‘If they had a decent broadband service, or even a half decent technical support team, we’d have cleared out their data weeks ago,’ confirmed one of the hackers responsible for making Talk Talk look even worse than normal.

‘We tried to blackmail them three weeks ago, but kept getting pushed from pillar to post by operatives in India who seemed to speak perfect Indian dialects but, regrettably, nothing that vaguely resembled conversational English,’ complained another member of the hack team. ‘Eventually they offered to escalate my blackmail to a level two technician as long as I agreed to take out a new eighteen month blackmail contract,’ he added.

‘We actually had their database wide open a month ago,’ said a third hacker, ‘but it took almost three weeks to download three kilobytes of data, for God’s sake,’ he added. ‘At least we weren’t trying to access BT, life’s too short,’ he said.


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Posted: Oct 26th, 2015 by

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