Post coital smoked bacon ‘damaging to health’

It’s almost a romantic screen cliché. The camera tracks past hastily strewn his n hers clothing, across acres of unmade double bed, to linger on the blissful couple, ritually sharing the satisfying smokiness of a hot bacon sandwich.

Now though, health experts have said smoked bacon between the sheets is not only unhygienic, it’s downright unhealthy. The WHO spokesman Roger Smythe-Daltry said ‘Bringing home the bacon is fine, in moderation. But the reason I didn’t die before I got old was total abstention from bedroom pork products, including scratchings in my pyjamas.’

But celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has highlit the problems of finding a substitute to pulled pork or any form of ‘charcuterie d’amour’ as she calls it. She told viewers ‘A vegetarian’s sausage just doesn’t do it for me, even with a big squirt of Daddie’s sauce to give it authenticity.’


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