Hare Krishnas split due to ‘musical differences’


Internationally renowned folk mantra group The Hare Krishnas announced today that they are splitting up. The announcement was made by the group’s manager Ramai Swami during a hastily arranged press conference in New York, the group’s Western birth place.

‘It is with deep regret that I today have to announce The Hare Krishnas have taken the decision to call it a day and disband’ said Swami. ‘The main reason behind the decision is musical differences, though this is an amicable split and the group’s members wish to extend their eternal gratitude to their many fans around the world for the support they have given over the years.’

Written off by many as one-hit wonders, the group rose to prominence in the sixties and their debut smash ‘Hare Krishna’. This coupled with their outrageous performance style of creating a sense of bemusement and mild discomfort in public places, soon brought them fame the world over. However, the decision by the group’s management that they should ‘play it safe’ and stick with the same material for over four decades saw their popularity steadily decline, with many disillusioned fans feeling that the group had become creatively bankrupt.

‘It just wasn’t fun anymore’ said Moonshower Thompson, a call centre worker from Hampshire who left the group in 2007. ‘There was quite a bit of infighting going on, and the only thing that surprises me about today’s announcement is that it didn’t come sooner. Many of us were desperate to take the group in a new direction. Some wanted to add a third note to ‘Hare Krishna’, some wanted to add a fifth line, whilst others felt that we should be going in a more electronica-based direction. One member started dressing as a Goth, and doing Marilyn Manson covers, but he was made to feel unwelcome. I thought ‘Hare Krisha, Empty Sound of Hate’ and Hare Rama Dead Thrill Anthem’ were an interesting change of direction…’


2nd November 2009

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