Advertising Feature; Guys! Recover your lost youth with new L’Oreal nasal hair dye

New formula for unsightly grey pubes also coming out in the Autumn

Here in the L’Oreal for Men laboratories, we know how it is, you’ve been around the block a few times, have a perfect family and your career is going great – even if it isn’t quite what you planned when you took that chemistry degree. You’re streetwise but still young at heart. That’s why it can be a shock on that morning when you first spot that embarrassing and unnecessary white nasal hair.

And that’s why we developed L’Oreal Men Nose White-Away with its specially developed Nostrilium Hirsutilox (r) formula that will restore the colour of your nasal hair in a range of rich, natural tones and add a glossy sheen and vibrancy to give your greying nostrils that luxurious just-blown glow.

And the new L’Oreal For Men body hair range doesn’t stop at rejuvenating your manly nose tufts, there’s a nourishing vitamin-enriched eyebrow wax guaranteed to bring back the glamour of the Dennis Healy years, and a frizz-away spray that’s ideal for giving a sleek finish and full control of those tricky little curly hairs on your earlobes, and well, anywhere else you might feel the need for soft and bouncy, strokeable locks – like your shoulders.

So go on, celebrate hair that will stay masculine yet alluring everywhere except on your head, because you’re worth it!

And, no, before you ask, we don’t have Cheryl Cole’s mobile number.

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