Launch of Samantha Cameron swimwear range ‘not politically motivated’

The Conservative party has denied that the launch of a new range of revealing swimwear and lingerie by party leader David Cameron’s wife Samantha has been timed to coincide with the election.

Sami’s Cami’s were developed with fashion giant Karl Lagerfeld and include a 15-piece range of bikinis, thongs and teddies which accompanying adverts say will turn the Tory party into the Phwoarry Party.

However, the party has come under fire for using images of Conservative ladies modelling Mrs Cameron’s lingerie as part of its latest electoral poster campaign. Pictures of Ann Widdecombe wearing a basque are said to have caused a four car pile up on the A303. W H Smith has refused to stock magazines featuring the range of adverts, including one of Shadow Works and Pensions secretary Theresa May wearing nothing but a black bodystocking. Smith’s move is in response to a number of complaints from worried parents about the ads.

‘I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the thought of our local MP dressed up in pantyhose and a bra,’ said Carol Cushing, a concerned mother of two from Lowestoft, ‘especially when he doesn’t really suit it.’

The posters, which feature slogans like, ‘Knickers to the opposition’ and ‘The Conservatives are getting changed’, have already been hoaxed by internet pranksters. Fake slogans, such as ‘I’ve never voted Conservative before; because they’re pants’, have been added by web wags.

Mr Cameron meanwhile has dismissed the criticism as a ‘storm in a D cup’ and said that his wife’s background in the luxury goods sector meant that it inevitable she would eventually launch her own fashion line.

‘Really, this is just an extension of Samantha’s own personal style,’ said Mr Cameron, ‘many’s the time I’ve come home from a hard day at the political coal face to find Sam preparing a traditional family meal in a comfortable lace teddy. And in summer, people barely bat an eyelid at her doing the school run in a one-piece bikini. Personally, I resent the implication that I might be using my shapely wife as some form of political capital. I can’t help it if she isn’t some frumpy old boiler, as I imagine some other party leader’s wives might be.’

When asked how much input he had into the clothing, Mr Cameron smirked and said, ‘I’ve always been very hands on.’

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