Corbyn’s problem is there’s no American we can compare him to, says brand guru

Top image maker Dave Zeitgeist says he’s identified the problem endemic in Brand Corbyn: he’s not a cheap British imitation of a well known American.

Without being able to identify a politician as Britain’s Obama or ‘our version of Kennedy’, the poor befuddled British public becomes hopelessly disorientated. Most modern British sheeple are terrified of going ‘off brand’, and having to handle an original idea terrifies them. Without a reassuring US predecessor on whom they can model their reaction, many Britons are left with an imposing mountain of thought processes to climb. The fact that there’s no copiable US equivalent of Jeremy Corbyn makes him too gamey for many bland British palates.

But there’s good news. US TV networks are thought to be making their own version of sitcom Wolfie Smith. If the character could be Americanised, the brand could easily be re-imported to Britain and Corbyn would become a national treasure and sweep to power – says branding expert Zeitgeist.

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