Biography of next year’s X-Factor winner goes on sale today

it won't be Wagner

Following much excitement and anticipation, publishers have today launched the biography of next year’s X-Factor winner. The book, entitled ‘Next Year’s Winner: My Story’, provides the public with an intimate and revealing portrait of the singer they will grow to love only eight months from now.

‘Up until now almost nothing has been known about next year’s winner, other than it’s not a band and that Louis Walsh is not their mentor,’ said Simon Cowell today. ‘The public simply hasn’t had a chance to get to know the real person behind the image and their inspirational story, and that’s exactly the reason you need to buy the book.’

Although the book only went on sale today, a number of extracts have already been leaked on the internet painting a picture of a singer who for years has struggled to get their break in the recording industry and for whom the X-Factor represents their last chance. Despite the winner’s life being plagued by cruel setbacks and sad-sounding backing tracks, they never gave up hope because being a pop star is all they ever wanted to be. Apparently there was also some kind of heart-wrenching family tragedy which will endear them to the public and make their success on X-Factor all the more special.

‘It’s a unique story of one person overcoming their mediocrity and, thanks to ITV scheduling and the desperation of festive shoppers, securing a Christmas No. 1 in 2011,’ continued Cowell. ‘To find out what happens to them in 2012, you’ll just have to wait for the follow-up book which will be in the shops in time for Christmas 2011.’

Containing 100% unseen material, ‘Next Year’s Winner: My Story’ also features an epilogue warning of the perils of instant fame written by Steve Brookstein, who, thanks to his success on the first series of X-Factor, is now able to make a decent living warning others about the dangers of forging a career on the back of winning a talent show.


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