Agnostic society publish Holy-ish Bible

The British Agnostic Society has released a ‘mystical-lite’ version of the bible. The new mediocre book has been rewritten to add plenty of room for doubt.

For example, Genesis now opens with: ‘In the beginning, or at least so long ago that no-one was there to witness it, God, or you know, some kind of feeling that something bigger than us is out there, created, or put the conditions in place, the heaven and the Earth – although, obviously he’d have made the sun as well’.

Whilst admitting that the new 86,000 page 17 volume book might be mildly controversial, the chairman of the BAS defended the book: ‘I know the £2,300 price tag might put off some people, I think it’s well worth while. Will it sell? God knows. Or does he?’

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