‘Racist’ ITV mistake Storm Henry for Storm Harriot

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ITV were again red-faced after falsely identifying Storm Henry, which is currently lashing large parts of Scotland, as Storm Harriot, which was active off the coast of Western Australia in November 2003.

Storm Harriot, was in the most part a tropical depression, sometimes turning into a storm that was troublesome in the Western Australia and Java areas. Storm Henry, whilst not tropical, is a fierce storm causing great infrastructure damage and danger to life.

John Hargreaves, Head of ITV Weather, said, ‘It was an honest mistake and we are truly sorry. Of course it’s a gaffe but when you spend your day looking at storms they start to all look alike. NO WAIT, I didn’t mean it like that. I mean their innate characteristics. Oh no, I didn’t mean that either.’

Gerry Walkman, Chief Diversity Officer at the Met Office said, ‘We’ve made progress as far as on-screen representation is concerned, we see a lot of storms, but there’s a lot of work to be done in the furthering of diversity recognition across the globe. Let’s hope we don’t get any mistakes stereotypes around our further storms, I shall be paying very close attention to our coverage of Storms Orla and Tegan.’

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