S&P downgrades value of ‘All the tea in China’

In news that will surely act as a further blow for China’s slowing economy, Standard and Poor’s rating service has downgraded their nominal standard rating of ‘All the tea in China’.

Already, the phrase is beginning to modify in the daily transactional conversations in Britain’s high streets. Barry Monkton, a fruit and vegetable stall owner in Melton Mowbray, was offered the idea of being English Football Team Manager’s Position to which he replied, ‘No chance mate, I wouldn’t do that for most of the tea in China.’

Whilst China say that they are not unduly unconcerned at the moment, they are monitoring the value of all their tea and should it fall below an unnamed amount, they will offer updates in it’s place, ‘I wouldn’t do that for all the smog in Xingtai’ or ‘All the one-child families in China’.

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