New contracts require junior doctors to wash Jeremy Hunt’s car

The British Medical Association has reacted angrily to a clause in their new contract which requires junior doctors to valet Jeremy Hunt’s car whenever he visits an NHS hospital in England. ‘It’s bad enough that this contract is being imposed on us’ says junior doctor leader Dr Jessica Harrington. ‘But now we find that there’s a clause on the last page in tiny writing which says that junior doctors have to stop what they’re doing and clean Jeremy Hunt’s car anytime he decides to drop by’.

However, the Secretary of State for Health has robustly defended the terms of the new contract. ‘The contract is fair’ says Hunt. ‘If they’re whinging about washing my car, then they obviously haven’t found the other clause yet, the one about working at the weekends – specifically babysitting for Mrs Hunt and I on a Saturday night, we like to go out for a nice meal or to the opera. Obviously I’ll let them help themselves to whatever’s in the fridge; I’m not a complete bastard’.

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