Internet critics denounce as-yet-unseen TV show

With the BBC announcing the presenting line-up for the latest series of Top Gear, critics were quick to take to the internet to voice their disapproval. ‘Top Gear, more like FLOP Gear,’ one wag wrote on the site’s Facebook page. ‘I mean, I only recognise like three of them – and one of those is The Stig – so they can’t be any good. And I don’t like the ones I recognise, so they’ll be rubbish too.’

Other critics were quick to pounce on the unfamiliarity or familiarity of the hosts, the fact they either know too much or not enough about cars, the chemistry that may or may not be present, their dislike of Chris Evans because he got to see Billie Piper naked or whether the show will be too much or not enough like the ‘old’ Top Gear.

All agreed that they would not watch it, though they watch the first one, but only to deride it, unless it’s alright, in which case they might watch the second one to see if it wasn’t a fluke, then get Top Gear Live tickets to make fun of them not being able to deliver it to a crowd, and possibly a DVD or two so they can nit-pick in their spare time.


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