Scots shipbuilders decide between armageddon or jobs


‘Working Class Scots have always seen the threat of genocide by nuclear war as a traditional way of preventing unemployment in the shipbuilding industry,’ said Jock McSmythe of the GMB union as he argued today. ‘Of course our members favour the deployment of Trident – if only because the alternative would be we would have to deploy many of our workers to murder those millions of innocent enemy civilians – many of them children – by hand, at a moment’s notice.  While we would welcome the overtime, this could be impractical, depending on where these victims happened to live and what the return travel arrangements would be.’

Speaking to a Commons Select Committee, he explained: ‘The answer is more not less nuclear submarines; guaranteeing world peace or at least fish suppers for all.  Longer term it may mean instant death for many millions of innocents but how else can you afford the price of a bungalow just outside Faslane?’



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