Trump attacks Trump


Both Donald Trump supporters and his bitterest opponents alike are reeling from an extraordinary outburst during which the presidential candidate branded himself ‘a pathetically coiffured bald c#@t!’ live on air during a television interview.

One shell-shocked Fox presentator said : ‘I asked him about taxation, and as the jaw dropped, and as out came the familiar hand, I knew I was in for a blasting, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. Trump started quietly by saying he would lower taxation and cut red tape to help small businesses such as barbers. But then completely unexpected, he started hurling invective about how a Mexican once ruined his hair. He was jolting up and down in his chair, his face getting all red, then he hit the table, shouting: “It didn’t always look like a f#@!ing Wheatabix y’know!”

Although always outspoken, Trump’s comments have divided public opinion. Valerie Harold, campaigner for Bernie Sanders said: ‘We support Trump’s stance on this issue. We are taking this opportunity to show that we can co-operate on important issues that transcend the frankly sometimes childish nature of party politics when doing so is in the interests of the country. One issue that we are standing together with Trump on is his opinion of himself’.

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