Whole generation of schoolchildren will be anihillated by playing rugby

just not football

Campaigners have urged that Rugby football should no longer be played by schoolchildren, due to the danger of them all being killed or at least permanently crippled by hideous injuries sustained during tackles.  A bigger threat to health and education than being ‘spit-roasted’ by Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove.

‘We must not allow our children to be exposed to these terrible risks,’ said Felicity Philpott of the Campaign for the Protection of Children from Nasty Things.  ‘Instead, we should encourage them to pursue completely harmless, traditional activities like sexting each other, watching Sadistic on-line porn, playing violent video games, eating junk food and over-sweetened drinks, climbing electricity pylons, playing on railway lines, riding horses, mountain biking, sniffing glue, hitting and throwing stones at each other and stabbing each other to death in gang fights.’


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