‘Bright flash’ seen in skies over Scotland was actually Scottish Summer


Footage believed to have been a recording of what appears to be a meteor in the sky over north east Scotland has now been found to have been the actual summer season in Scotland.

Police received a large number of calls after a big, bright flash was seen, with people reporting seeing a yellow light high in the sky.  Some were saying they also heard birds singing and a sound not dissimilar to an ice cream van’s music.  There were also a number of people reporting a tingling or burning sensation on their skin with some even having minor sunburn type injuries.

The light appears to have been seen as far south as Berwickshire in the Scottish Borders and Newcastle, which led to a mass shedding of clothes.  The Met Office said the event was ‘the official Scottish summer’ and asked people to be careful using their lawn sprinklers as there was now a chronic water shortage after such a savagely warm season.

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