Rolls Royce customers ‘intimidated by £500 price increase’

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A FaceBook page set up by Chinese billionaires and Saudi princes has called for Brexit campaigners in the UK to think again about leaving the EU, saying an exit would be a threat to car manufacturing. Explained one humble Rolls Royce fan: ‘It might take skilled engineers to design these cars, it might take a dedicated workforce of men and women to produce these cars but it takes a shitload of money to buy one’.

The German parent company of Rolls-Royce has warned that pushing the cost of a ‘Drophead Coupe’ from £450,000 to just over £450,000 would see sales plummet. ‘Customers are very price sensitive,’ warned CEO Jurgen Hartman. ‘If there’s one thing that will make them switch to some alternative high-end, luxury 4 door sedan with extended wheel base then it’s a 0.1% hike in the purchase cost’.

Organisers of the Geneva Motor Show agreed, one said: ‘That long bonnet, the sleek roof line and the iconic grill only goes so far….the 623bhp and twin-turbo V12 engine…the 8-speed gear box are all ver impressive but are they really worth an extra £500.  It might not seem much to the average British car worker but to a Rolls-Royce customer it’s the difference between a case of 1998 Krug or 12 bottles of Clos Du Mesnil’.




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