Music world mourns continued life of Kanye West


After the ‘fifth Beatle’, George Martin, died at the age of 90, music fans have agreed on two points: musical mediocrity appears to be the key to longevity and 38 is definitely long enough for Kanye West. One said: ‘Maybe George’s best years were behind him, but clearly the man who butchered Bohemian Rhapsody and gave us an excess of information on whether he likes a ‘finger up his butt’ never had any to begin with.’

Martin has been hailed for managing to produce the twentieth century’s most important artists without the publicity of his wife getting her flaps out on Twitter. Another fan said: ‘If God does exists, He clearly doesn’t care for musical pedigree. And if immortality comes from mediocrity, then the remaining Beatles would do well to focus on another Frog chorus.’

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