UK’s German-Greek monarchy favours Brexit

The formerly German head of the UK’s monarchy and her Greek husband have apparently strongly come out on favour of leaving the EU. It is thought that the Queen’s and her consort’s heritage constantly comes up for scrutiny so she would like to put ‘all that unpleasant European business’ behind her.

This comes in reaction to the fact that the Brexit campaigners would seek to end the royal-Lineage of the Hanoverian, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Windsor house and seek out descendants of Alfred the Great as ceremonial head of state. At the moment this is thought to be Darren the Great, a 35-year-old accounts assistant from Winchester.

Germany and Greece have already been contacted to assess their readiness to potentially return to a Monarchical system. Greece is thought to be very keen ‘as long as she brings her money’.

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