Osborne refuses to apologise for not giving a shit about anyone else

‘Look’ George Osborne told journalists today, ‘I really couldn’t care less about the disabled, your stinky old granny, the losers who don’t vote Tory or anyone who isn’t me, so why apologise?’

‘When people say ’We should protect the vulnerable, imagine if you became disabled and so on’ my answer to that is ‘Not on my ruddy watch we won’t…stop being so bloody sententious….it’s both annoying and incredibly dull….a bit like the Budget in some ways. If I became disabled you wouldn’t find me scrounging so it’s a complete non sequitur, and I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make.’

‘Listen…if you want to go around virtue signalling and making a big show of your worthiness because you think disabled people should have an income commensurate with actually doing something…fine, fund it out of your own income, but don’t take mine to do it, as that’s worse than robbery. That’s what this budget was essentially about…fairness. Tax is theft. These disabled robbers have no mercy, and neither must we.’


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